At the recent inauguration of the Joe Biden and his vice – president, Kamala Harris, A Croatian red wine was served. This is a fantastic promotion for Croatian wines and specifically the Peljesac peninsula where these excellent wines are produced.

The wine served was the Benmosche Family Dingač, produced in Dubrovnik – Neretva county, which is famous for its wines, especially red ones.  Some reports highlight that the Benmosche Zinfandel was also served along with the Dingač wine.

“We first heard about it when the local media broke the news and then we got information from our clients in the United States that the wine got where it got,” Boris Mrgudic, director of the Benmosche Family Winery, told Reuters.

Robert H. Benmosche, an American businessman, bought land on the Peljesac peninsula fifteen years ago and started wine production. His vineyards of Plavac mali and Zinfandel, with the help of passionate local wine producers Marija Mrgudic and Boris Mrgudic, continue to produce superb wines, even after his death in 2015.

“This news will certainly contribute to promotion of the Croatian wines which is very important, as Croatia is a small wine producer and still not very competitive on the global markets,” Mrgudic continued for the Reuters.

What is Plavac mali? It is one of the most important indigenous red variety of wines. It is the most planted red grape variety, a cross between Crljenak Kastelanski and Dobricic grapes. Postup and Dingac are the most known examples of Plavac mali wines.

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Photos by: Benmosche winery

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