Sponza Palace

Choosing the right location, venue, date, catering options, amenities, speaker line-ups, accommodation and supporting services are series of decisions to be confronted when organizing an event.  All of these need to fuse well and deliver an elevated experience for your attendees, a delicate process that is seemingly intimidating.

Modri pjat brings 3 most prominent service attributes to vision in order to create unsurpassable magic and instill long-lasting memories: right location, all-encompassing event solution support and signature menus.

Sponza Palace
  1. Dubrovnik Locations  – More Than Meets the Eye

Being the UNESCO heritage sensation, this magnificently walled town from the Renaissance period has an unmatched assemblage of venues that will sweep you off your feet.  Our Dubrovnik venues are much more than beautiful pictures telling stories with thousand words.   They are vital to our catering industry secret in delivering service magic.

Set in the Old Town, our Renaissance spots tell many stories embedded into historical and culturally significant heritage of Dubrovnik.  Venues at which our timeless experiences are being organized include a 16th century ship, the fortress on city walls of the town, grand palaces and terraces overlooking crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.  Specifically, these include: Trsteno, Sponza Palace, Lovrijenac Fortress, Rector’s Palace, Revelin Fortress, Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik and Karaka Ship to name a few.

2. Right Partner for All-Encompassing Event Solutions

Providing seamless support through all phases of planning and service delivery is what we at Modri pjat do best.  Our service craftship is based on innovations and continual creativity.  Pillars of our service are trustworthiness, adaptability and commitment to the technique, execution, pureness and balance.

Thanks to our expertise & powerful network with some of the finest hospitality professionals in Dubrovnik and Croatia, and through our joint projects with our sister company of Adriatic Incentives, we are able to enrich your attendees’ dining experience with complementary services such as transfers and signature experience trips.


Sponza Palace

3. Signature Menus

Our approach in delivering magnificently crafted menus is in creating the excitement and lifetime memories through a three-step process: 1. careful research based on direct consultations with you, 2. inclusion of fresh ingredients and 3. final service secret through delivering our “visual taste”, which we had perfected thorough years while searching for a right balance between the innovation and tradition. Rich offer of menus range from fish, meat and finger food adaptable for a range of different occasions: daily events, business gatherings and receptions, evening romance and large gathering with a selection of top quality specialties and beverages.


Plan Your Event with Confidence

Whichever variant of the set up you opt for, we will preserve your event’s unique character.  Delivering the originality and quality is our top priority so that you can sit back, supervise and enjoy the end result.    Please reach out to us directly for a personalized service of your tailor-made event at +385 20 358 108, info@catering-modripjat.com.