Sponza Palace

We bring you 3 reasons for you to entrust your private or a corporate event with Modri pjat catering: 1. year-long tradition of excellence supported by dedicated staff, 2. wide range of menus suitable for evening romance, daily events, business or large gatherings and 3. powerful support by our sister companies complementing the catering service with transfers and incentive programs.

 1.Years of Culinary Craftsmanship

Modri pjat is proud to have cultivated a culture where loyal and devoted staff members use their passion and imagination in delivering creative solutions appropriate to each event’s character, all while adhering to the highest professional standards in catering business.  Our promise of the ultimate dining experience is based on devotion that goes above and beyond intense training and year-long experience.

Sponza Palace

2. Signature Menus

We at Modri pjat will proudly serve as your secret gem for impressing your business partners or employees.  Our approach in delivering magnificently crafted menus is in creating the excitement and lifetime memories through a three-step process: 1. careful research based on direct consultations with you, 2. inclusion of fresh ingredients and 3. final service secret through delivering our “visual taste”, which we had perfected thorough years while searching for a right balance between the innovation and tradition.

Our rich offer of menus range from fish, meat and finger food adaptable for a range of different occasions: daily events, business gatherings and receptions, evening romance and large gathering with a selection of top quality specialties and beverages.

 3. Complementary Event Services

Expertise & powerful network with some of the finest hospitality professionals in Croatia has helped Modri pjat establish a full service experience and hence acquire a respectable list of clients such as Airbus, Bayer, Diners Club, Erste Bank, Cisco, IBM, L’ Oreal, Mastercard, Nokia and INA to name a few.  Special credit goes to our sister companies of Adriatic Incentives & Adriatic Partner agencies that enables Modri pjat to build on your dining experience with complementary services such as transfer trips, signature experiences, incentive and meeting & conference types of travels.

Sponza Palace

Some of our most notable signature experiences by our sister company Adriatic Partner include Private Speedboat or a Yacht, Wine and History, Island Hopping on Karaka Historical Ship, A Sunset to Remember and Dubrovnik Off Road.  All trips are planned and organized with transportation options and are professionally guided by the best tour guides in the region speaking multiple languages.

Transportation options include individual and group transfers from or to the airport, charter or transport for exploring the area.


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