Sponza Palace

The finest Mediterranean cuisine comes from authentic recipes and fresh ingredients. Modri pjat is proud to have been serving some of the finest representations of traditional Dubrovnik recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Wholesome, Sensible and Joyful

The Mediterranean cuisine has established the steadfast reputation for meeting the most wholesome dieting standards. In addition to vegetables, fruits and whole grains, lean proteins from fish and poultry and good fats from extra virgin olive oil are also an essential component of this cuisine. 

Sponza Palace

Modri pjat has one of the finest seafood menus offering a selection of local fish, squid or shellfish paired with superb extra-virgin oils and top domestic and international wines.
We find Mediterranean way of dining as most sensible, joyful, and balanced and believe that customers’ experience should be about eating well in order to live well while enjoying the process along the way. Culinary delights prepared at our stunning Dubrovnik venues add to the overall charm during dining and reminds one what it looks like to be enjoying the simple life pleasures. We also believe that our service approach fosters the kind of atmosphere where all of our customers already feel Mediterranean, before even tasting our specialties.

TIP 1: Fostering Youth

As one of the oldest and healthiest foods with healing properties, olives contain a high concentration of copper, a metal necessary for building connective tissue, production of collagen, maintaining blood vessels and renewing skin, bones and joints. Antioxidant properties of olives prevent cancer, ulcers and heart problems associated with the hardening of arteries. 

Sponza Palace
TIP 2: Aphrodisiac Properties

On the other hand, olive oil makes the skin appear youthful while also helping with the weight loss thanks to its reduced insensitivity to insulin, efficient break down of fat and aromatized extracts which provide a greater sense of fullness. Olive oil’s reputation for fostering youthful appearance of skin dates back to ancient times and is also attributed with aphrodisiac properties, giving strength and vitality to love partners. 


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