Sponza Palace

Upholding the ultimate dining experience is our signature service attribute at Catering Modri Pjat.  We take into account all the requirements and adapt a vast rage of specialties tailored to your particular culinary habits, diets or religious traditions.

Modri Pjat’s four-faced range of tasty menus include simple cocktail snacks, warm and cold dishes, continental barbecues and classic luncheons or dinners.


Cocktail Reception Menus

Our cocktail reception menus are exciting, brief, understandable and visually appealing. We highlight the components and add an emphasis on any elements that elevate the dish, such as when a premium brand is being used as an ingredient.  Canapes are not only delicious, but serve as a decorative touch, true mouthfuls ideally served as appetizer with a perfect drink for a match made in heaven.

Sponza Palace

Gala Dinner Menus

Being organizationally most complex, gala types of events further elevate Modri Pjat as one of the most distinguished and professional service providers in the catering industry in Croatia.  Advanced food sample tasting, ensuring that the on-site presentation standards are met, attention to the crockery, glassware and service platters as well as the appropriate staff planning is what Modri Pjat does inherently as a part of our mastered service preparation routine.


Buffet Menus

Modri pjat abides by the principles in which adequacy, balance, energy control, nutrient density, moderation and variety are met as well as the readability of food indicators, ingredient variety, appropriate branding and adequate organization of the buffet table. Little visual tricks include careful positioning of a centerpiece, making sure that serving portions of the main food item are arranged artistically and garnish is arranged in proportion to the cut slices.

Sponza Palace

Wedding Menus

Hearing your vision, paying special attention to your peculiar dietary requirements and allergies, taking into the account the seasonality when ensuring fresh ingredients and the “visual taste” are the embodiment of our service magic in delivering a perfect wedding menu.

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