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The tiny settlement of Trsteno hosts the oldest Arboretum in this part of the world, in addition was once a Renaissance estate of the noble family Gozze.

They asked ship captains to bring over seeds from their travels, setting foundations for today’s monumental botanical garden.

Just beneath the Arboretum, at the footings of the picturesque Trsteno karst slopes, the cozy harbor offers a quiet shelter from all winds and bedazzles with mesmerizing views of the Elaphite islands. Its candle-lit- terraces, laid out over shoreline rocks, are in exclusive management by Modri Pjat and are bound to leave your guests in awe.

Sponza Palace


Sponza palace

This 16th century palace, also known as ‘Divona’ was completed in 1522 and is the present-day home of the National Archives of Dubrovnik. One of the rare buildings to survive the Great Earthquake of 1667, Sponza today showcases the looks of many private and public palaces in Dubrovnik prior to the catastrophic event.Its breathtaking open stone Atrium sets a dazzling stage for any event, whether for business or for pleasure.

Lovrijenac Fortress


Lovrijenac fortress

The fortress of St. Lawrence sits perched on a 37- meter high rock, guarding the western entrance to the Dubrovnik Old Town and overlooking the direction of Venice, Dubrovnik’s historical competitor.

Presently, Lovrijenac is a favourite stage for both Shakespearean plays and extravagant get-togethers. Doubling for Red Keep in the HBO’s Game of Thrones earned the Lovrijenac fortress a fair share of GOT themed events.

Rectors Palace


Rectors palace

In the times of the Dubrovnik Republic, the Rectors Palace was its most important public building. Home of the Rector and seat of the government, the building also housed prisons and numerous civil services.

Today, the palace seats Dubrovnik’s History Museum. Its central open Atrium enchants at first sight and is an ideal setting for festive celebrations, but especially musical performances, due to its great acoustics.

Rupe Museum


Rupe museum

As a walled city which could be shut at any moment, Dubrovnik kept supplies of food on premises. Rupe was constructed in the 16th century as the town’s granary, where wheat was stored in 15 spacious holes drilled in live rock beneath the building.

Today, Rupe hosts the Ethnographic Collection, and the high vaulted ceiling and arches of its ground floor which add a touch of grandeur to various round-table events.

Revelin Fortress


Revelin fortress

The mighty Revelin fortress guards the eastern entrance to the UNESCO protected Old Town.  This 16th century giant was designed to keep the town protected from the Ottoman Empire, but also served as the seat of Dubrovnik’s administration after the Great Earthquake of 1667.

The vaulted interior sets an impressive stage for both larger and smaller events, while the top terrace offers extraordinary views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and its harbor.




The first medical quarantine in history possesses all the traits of a fantastic venue: outdoor option with an immediate indoor back-up location on the very seashore, a remarkable architectural dimension with complete privacy.
In the old days, if you were arriving to Dubrovnik from pestiferous areas, you would be required to spend forty days here to be cleared of disease and granted entrance to the Old Town.
In the present day and after an event in this location, you may wish to stay that long, if not even longer.

Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik


Museum of modern art Dubrovnik

Originally built in 1939 as the palace of the merchant Božo Banac. This edifice has hosted the Dubrovnik Modern Art Gallery since 1950. Inspired by the Gothic and Renaissance heritage of Dubrovnik, this palace boasts grand spaces, both indoor and outdoor.

It’s the first-floor terrace, with vaulted porch and vistas of Dubrovnik Old Harbor, a guaranty to amaze even the most demanding guests.

ACI Marina Dubrovnik


Aci marina Dubrovnik

At the footings of dramatic karst slopes and at the mouth of River Ombla, Europes shortest River, ACI Dubrovnik definitely lives up to its title of one of the most beautiful Croatian marinas. Dubrovnik nobility knew this, hence the Renaissance summer residence of Sorkočević family sits amid to the marina as a tribute to their appreciation of leisure.

The Residences remarkable Renaissance façade and its spacious meditative gardens always bring a dash of freshness and a high note to your summer events.

Orsula / Višnjica


Orsula / Visnjica

Just a 15-minute drive from the Old Town, the Orsula Amphitheater and Višnjica point make you feel as if you had Dubrovnik Old Town on your palm. This is the place where most of Dubrovnik’s brochure photos were taken from, and today it hosts a number of truly spectacular events.

Orsula is especially dazzling in deep summer evenings, when the dark sea is accentuated by innumerable boat lights, while the bustling Old Town rests all lit up and quiet in the distance. Pristine, but innately wild, Orsula and Višnjica connect the past and the present in the most subtle and enchanting ways.

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