Passion Running Through Our Veins.

Our catering story brings to the table much more than the technique, execution, pureness and balance.  We are all about passion, connecting to our customers and talking about what else they can taste, see or do while  in Dubrovnik.  Whether it be for the weddings, gala or business events, Modri pjat venues act like little embassies of Dubrovnik and Croatia in one place.

Harmony of a Modern Tradition

Gourmet dining for us is a place where guests come for a special experience, feeling comfortable like being at home, while being intrigued. Our Chef Mirko & our great staff transmit their passion to our enthralled customers on a daily level. This is ultimately our most delicate mission.

The trick is in that we are constantly searching a proper balance between the innovation and tradition. While the innovation is exciting, we would not have been here today if it wasn’t for the tradition. 

Our spectacular event venues in Dubrovnik include: Višnjica, Trsteno, Sponza Palace, Lovrijenac Fortress, Rector’s Palace and Rupe Museum.

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

Catering is our core business, with our entire team and premises focused solely on catering. We take pride in fostering a team bond, where our best staff have stayed with us for over a decade, transmitting their passion and love for creating and sharing the fine beauty.

Our 4 promises to our customers include quality, exceeding expectations, integrity and staying ahead with our innovative practices.

Fun Facts

Some of the fascinating wines from our collection come from the island of Korčula, a birthplace of Marco Polo, the renown Venetian explorer. Other wines come from Pelješac Peninsula, one of them being Dingač produced by the Benmosche Family and served at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

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