We bring you 3 motivating service attributes of why you should organize your private or a corporate autumn event with the Catering Modri Pjat:  1. Cherry picked venues in Dubrovnik, 2.  Visually astounding delicacies with fresh ingredients and 3. Decades of professional expertise & a built-up network with some of the best hospitality service providers in the wider Croatia region.

Sponza Palace

Magical Locations

Our venues are much more than beautiful pictures telling stories with thousand words.   They are vital to our catering industry secret in delivering service magic.  Set in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, these Renaissance spots tell many stories embedded into historical and culturally significant heritage of Dubrovnik and Croatia. 

Dubrovnik is a place on every travel agent’s wish list due to the modern hospitality infrastructure intertwined with a strong sense of what it was like to live in a mighty Republic during the Renaissance period.  One of the signature experiences in Dubrovnik where Modri pjat organizes catering is on the Karaka boat, the original, peculiar and memorable replica of a 16th century merchant ship.

Most prominent locations where Modri pjat provides service are at Lovrijenac Fortress, Sponza and Rector palaces, Revelin Fortress, Orsula Amphitheater and Višnjica point.  To get a sneak peak into magic of the Old World, take a look at the extensive list of Dubrovnik event venues.


Sponza Palace

Captivating Cuisine

Going above and beyond with our food quality and service is our key to providing the ultimate dining experience at the catering Modri Pjat.  Our cuisine, whether for an elegant or informal events, takes into account all the requirements such as the locally authentic menu, or a vast rage of delicacies customized to the specific dietary needs or religious traditions.

Fresh ingredients and the culinary craftsmanship of our Chef Mirko are the key components of our delicious and nutritionally harmonious specialties.

„Visual taste“ is our other significant recipe in creating a memorable dining.  At Modri Pjat we constantly search for a right balance between the innovation and tradition.    Relying on tradition, while exploring the innovating tricks is what keeps the passion running through our veins.


Decade-long Expertise & Powerful References

Thanks to our expertise & powerful network with some of the finest hospitality professionals in Croatia, and through our joint projects with our sister companies of Adriatic Incentives & Adriatic Partner agencies, we have been able to acquire a respectable list of clients.

Our portfolio includes both high-profile public events, such as the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, weddings, anniversaries, private and business events. A notable list of our business event partners include: Airbus, Bayer, Diners Club, Erste Bank, Cisco, IBM, L’ Oreal, Mastercard, Nokia and INA to name a few.

For a more illustrative look at how we organize events, please take a look at the Catering Modri pjat events section 

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