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Catering Modri Pjat – Smells, aromas, colors of Mediterranean… we have captured all the magic of the Adriatic sea enchanted with the delicious tastes and aromas of Mediterranean.

Your tastes, your vision, your passion for the things in life that matter most drive our creative process.


Inspired by You.


At Modri Pjat, catering is our core business. We have been doing it for more than a decade now, and our key people remain the same. The entire team is fully focused on your event.

Overcoming​ challenges​ ​to​ ​produce​ ​memorable​ ​happenings​; from​ ​individual​ ​congress​ ​breaks​ ​to spectacular galas​ ​– ​​this​ ​is​ our expertise.

Premium Dubrovnik Locations

Dubrovnik is the perfect backdrop for all kinds of special events – weddings, galas, cocktail receptions and other.

Custom - made Menus

We offer a wide range of catering services – from drop off to planning full-service events. Our dedicated team will work with you to custom design a menu for your special event.  We’re​ here​ ​to​ ​make​ ​your​ ​wishes​ ​come​ ​true​ ​by​ ​putting​ ​into​ ​action​ ​all​ ​details​ ​you​ ​and​ ​your guests​ care​ ​about​.

It has been seven months since my daughter's wedding and I just wanted to tell you that the catering of the meal was superb! The food was delicious, the table decorations and arrangements were beautiful, and the staff was a delight to work with. Not only was everything that was promised delivered, there were extras thrown in as well that made the event even more special.

Maria Sanchez

I was thoroughly impressed by not only the taste of the food but also the prompt and polite service of the gentleman hosting our event. He was right on time, very polite, and cleaned everything thoroughly (while braving the immense heat).

Kevin Strauss


Dubrovnik – a magnificent backdrop for any occasion. It ranks as one of the most popular destinations for all types of events. The city will captivate you with its long history, culture and charm.

Modri Pjat catering specialists are here to assist you with all event details and help you with planning a truly memorable happening.

Unique and memorable events


Overcoming challenges to produce memorable happenings – from individual congress breaks to multi-day incentives – this is what we do on daily basis! We’re here to make your wishes come true by putting into action all the minute details you and your guests care about. Special seating arrangements, themed décor, national cuisine dishes, special diet requests… you name it, we’ll do it.

Catering Modri Pjat

Here at the Modri Pjat catering, we create a memorable dining experience.  Our Head Chef Mirko has decades of experience in the industry. His culinary innovation and techniques, along with his knowledge, are much appreciated and cherished. We believe in the ‘farm to fork strategy’ – serving local and the freshest products in the region.

Catering Modri Pjat

AddressMasarykov put 1, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia


Tel: +385 20 358 108

Fax: +385 20 358 110

Mob: +385 91 358 1888

Signature Menus

Signature Menus

Our catering story brings to the table much more than the technique, execution, pureness and balance. We are all about passion, connecting to our customers and talking about what else they can taste, see or do while in Dubrovnik. Whether it be for the weddings, gala or business events, Modri pjat venues act like little embassies of Dubrovnik and Croatia in one place.

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NAME: Martinija Malić, dipl. iur.



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