Catering Modri pjat  on the day of the open door of the port of Dubrovnik, at the end of the 4th European Tourism and Strategy Festival

Foto Božo Radić/HANZA MEDIA

Catering Dubrovnik – The day of the open door of the Dubrovnik port was held on the closing day of the 4th European Festival of Tourism and Strategy, organized by the City of Dubrovnik. At exactly ten o’clock, the Dubrovnik Musket-bearing Guard of Honour marked the start of the program and started two sailing and rowing regattas, followed by a special program. With the opportunity to sail Karaka, the citizens enjoyed the music of Klape Subrenum, LG Komolac, KUD, and Sv. Juraj Osojnik. The most interesting part of the program is certainly the award of the cruise, the cruise pulled by Mayor Mato Franković. Biljana Nikić was most fortunate.

Catering Dubrovnik

Foto: Željko Tutnjević / Libero

Representatives of Mediterranean destinations and ports, as well as distinguished representatives of international associations of cruise and cruise companies, and scientists, participated in the Dubrovnik summit.

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