Modri pjat catering – Smells, aromas, colors of Mediterranean… we have captured all the magic of the Adriatic sea and we have served it on our “sea blue” plates so you could be enchanted with the delicious tastes and aromas of Mediterranean.



At Modri Pjat, catering is our core business. We have been doing it for a decade now, and our key people remain the same. The entire team, as well as our premises, are fully focused on catering. We are not a restaurant side-kick. We are totally dedicated catering specialists!


Modri Pjat has been in operation since 2006. Registered with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and enlisted in the State Registry of Certified Catering Establishments, our know-how stems from local experience, constant education, but even more so from over 100 events organized to date at various regional locations. Practice makes perfect!

Our equipment can comfortably support events of up to 300 guests. Our kitchen is a specialized catering kitchen with HACCAP certification. Our Head Chef Mirko mastered both the blueprints of most catering venues and the menus for the most diverse of groups. Our extensive local partner network comes together to realize the most challenging of endeavors.The structure is in place, you only need to wish for something!



Create perfect EVENT!