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Modri pjat catering – Smells, aromas, colors of Mediterranean… we have captured all the magic of the Adriatic sea and we have served it on our “sea blue” plates so you could be enchanted with the delicious tastes and aromas of Mediterranean.

Core Business

At Modri Pjat, catering is our core business. We have been doing it for a decade now, and our key people remain the same. The entire team, as well as our premises, are fully focused on catering. We are not a restaurant side-kick. We are totally dedicated catering specialists!

Catering Modri Pjat is today the largest and most respected company in Dubrovnik with fully professional and dedicated catering, upholds the tradition of delivering quality foods and services that are customized to clients’ preferences.
We make sure that clients’ expectations are always exceeded, and that we continue to add inspiration to the ultimate gastronomic experience. We can offer you our verified cuisine and organize elegant or informal festivities of any kind and size, taking into account all your desires and specialties. In addition to our traditional menu, we also offer a wide selection of meals tailored to
particular eating habits, diets, or religious traditions. We take care about the quality of food so that all foods are nutritionally harmonized. Our Head Chef Mirko mastered both the blueprints of most catering venues and the menus for the most diverse of groups.


Catering Modri pjat follows the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCAP) to ensure sanitation
in food preparation,distribution tools are adapted to high catering. Our kitchen is equipped with the
most modern convectors – automated machines that lead the entire process of preparation,
maintenance and delivery of food. At all stages, from processing raw foods to their serving, a
carefully crafted program is taken care of quarantee freshness upon delivery.


Quality Service

We believe in investing in a group of outstanding individuals who are motivated to excel in everything they do, and are instrumental in our company’s consistent quality service.

Exceeding Expectations

We believe that competence in service does not mean simply meeting clients expectations, but always exceeding them.



We practice integrity by being transparent in all of our transactions with our clients and suppliers, and by honoring our commitment. We are fair, honest and ethical in each transaction we enter.


Staying Ahead

We dedicate ourselves to advancement, always staying ahead and setting the standards, by keeping up with the latest innovations in the industry.

Catering modri pjat & Karaka

Catering Modri pjat is a part of the Croatian company called Signumšped Ltd., owner of the replica of 16th century ship Karaka. Karaka is stationed in Dubrovnik. Made as a replica of a 16th century merchant carrack that originates from Dubrovnik Republic, Karaka is a unique vessel – five star event ship that provides full on-board catering services and complements Dubrovnik M.I.C.E. offer. It is ideal for incentive programs, day or evening cruises, theme parties, team building, product presentation, wedding ceremonies, gala celebrations and more. Being the perfect choice for those seeking to sail into a living history, all the while enjoying splendid views of magnificent Dubrovnik area and sampling tasty Mediterranean food, Karaka is the only proper way to explore the Adriatic.

We believe in investing in a group of outstanding individuals who are motivated to excel in
everything they do and are instrumental in our company’s consistent quality service.

We accept, with humility, that the need to learn and improve constantly is part of our growth.
Catering Modri Pjat has its sights on becoming a truly world-class catering company—the catering
company that continuously sets the standards and trends in the Croatia catering industry, as well as
the Dubrovnik’s most trusted banquet service provider.

Dedicated to delivering fine cuisine & superb service

Catering Modri Pjat

AddressMasarykov put 1, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia


Tel: +385 20 358 108

Fax: +385 20 358 110

Mob: +385 91 358 1888

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NAME: Martinija Malić, dipl. iur.



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